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A Quick Guide To Resale Rights

  • Master Resale Rights:

    Master Resale Rights are highly desirable, with people scrambling all over the internet looking for the newest product to promote.

    Master Resale Rights not only allow you to resell the product, but also pass on the rights to your customer so that they can sell the product also.  In many cases resellers either sell the product as is, or they also offer the option of reprint rights (Master Resale Rights) and normally charging three times as much as the product costs in itself.

  • Private Label Rights:

    Private Label Rights are king right now, with more and more membership sites and PLR packages popping up all over the place.  This is a highly desirable product as you can change the product in any way that you want, change text, change the source code, even add your name as the author/creator in many cases.  In saying this, a lot of people think they are now the owner after obtaining Private Label Rights, please understand that you are not unless stated!

    Read the license carefully before you alter any part of the product.

    While there are those who will profit from selling products with Private Label Rights, the smart resellers will create their own product with the source files included, for an eBook the source files are normally in MS Document format.  They will create their own eCover, own website, graphics, add their own affiliate links and even add links to more products in their collection.
  • Basic Resale Rights:

    This simply means that once you purchase a product you can use it for yourself and even sell the product, but your customer receives no rights whatsoever.
  • Giveaway Rights:

    This basically means you have the right to giveaway the product for free, for some this may not seem very lucrative, but for others this is a great way of adding that 'Free Bonuses' to your salespage.  Generally the product will come with a license and will explain if you can giveaway the product or not.
  • Rebranding Rights:

    These type of products are similar the PLR, but you are often restricted as to what you can do with these products.  Rebranding generally means that you can add your own affiliate links etc to the eBook or Software title.
  • Royalty Rights:

    Even though that you do have the right to resell the product, these rights normally mean that you do not get to keep 100% profit, in fact you will have to pay the original author a percentage or commission for any profits that you make.
  • Source Code Rights:

    These are also highly desirable, but also fall into the same category as Private Label Rights meaning that you can add, edit or change the eBook or Software title so that the product has no flaws before you resell.

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