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Why are there different types of copyright with EBooks?


Different types of copyright allow you to offer different types of uses to a customer depending on a customer’s requirement. They can include Personal Use Licence (PUL), were it cannot be passed around to others and is meant for your eyes only. Resale Rights (RR) are very common and they allow you to sell it the product to others and those that purchase it will have PUL. Master Resale Rights (MRR) is very similar to Resale Rights, except you can sell MRR to others. MRR can come in several formats; for example, you can offer the products as a bonus, as a freebie or stipulate that purchasers have to sell the product for a minimum price. There are also Private Label Rights (PLR), which allow you to buy someone else’s product and then put your name on the product, which then makes you the author.

With all products sold through us, you will be given the licence with your order so that you know exactly what you are able to do with the product.

Our MRR & PLR Websites:

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