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How To Monetizing Your Resale Rights Products: BEST Tips and Tricks!!!


There are many different ways that you can quickly monetize resale rights product, even if you have little experience in information marketing. One of the easiest ways is to repackage content into new compilations, and then sell it on the open market under your own brand.

The thing you should keep in mind is that even with content that is already in circulation, you can still make money by selling this material if you create new compilations that offer something different than the basic packages being offered.

For example, a few months ago I spent a couple of hours browsing through resale rights and private label content directories, looking for as much information on affiliate marketing as I could find.

From within a few resource centers I managed to come up with 7 ebooks, 4 reports and 2 video series, all offering private label rights to the material.

Rather than selling these components individually as other resellers were, I decided to create an extensive training program, by packaging up as much content as possible that would provide buyers with a full, comprehensive course.

I priced the package at $37, and sold over 100 copies in the first few days.  And the greatest part, is that it was 100% profit!

Apart from the small costs of acquiring the PLR license, there were no other charges involved.

Compilations need to contain a variety of PLR and resale products that form a collective training program, so make sure that when you begin selecting products for your collection, that each one serves as a “module” that covers a specific area, and that together, you’re able to deliver a complete training program.

For example, if you are interested in creating a compilation for the weight loss market, you could include a few reports on weight loss tips, and perhaps an ebook on dieting, healthy eating and even PLR work out videos.

Then, create a new product from a series of high quality releases, give it a new name and start making money with it!

But compilations aren’t the only way to monetize resale rights and private label content.  Another effective strategy is to create membership sites around new content releases.

Continuity websites are extremely profitable because rather than acquiring a customer once, you develop a community where subscribers pay for access every single month.

Resale right content makes setting up and managing a membership site extremely easy, because there’s no limit to the amount of fresh, quality content you can get your hands on!

I put this strategy to the test in a few different ways, including by creating a PLR membership site that simply featured new PLR and RR products every week.

I simply subscribed to a few different PLR developers and community sites where I was able to gain instant access to new releases, and then I added that material to my own PLR membership site.

It took only a few days to create a full selection of PLR products, and I priced entry at only $15 per month.

Since people are interested in receiving private label and resale right packages, by joining my site they are able to grab dozens of new releases for one low price, rather than paying for content on an individual (per license) basis.

The one thing you want to keep in mind however is that not all PLR and RR content comes with the option of including it within membership sites, so be sure to read over your license carefully to ensure that you are complying with the original developers restrictions or guidelines.

You never want to jeopardize your reputation by distributing content without authorization. Successful marketers use private label and resale rights content in many other ways as well, including as bonus items for their paid products.

For example, if you were to develop your very own unique information product, you could find high quality PLR and resale right products to use as bonuses, instantly maximizing perceived value while giving your customers even more bang for their buck.

You’ll want to make sure that your bonus items serve as auxiliary components to your primary product, so that they either extend or enhance the information found in your original release.  You want your customers to be able to use the bonus products to expand their knowledge or better understand your topic, and you can do this by simply purchasing PLR or RR licenses to similar products in the marketplace.

For example, I’ve used PLR as bonus items with nearly every release I’ve put out on the marketplace.  In one example, I had developed a unique niche blogging ebook that taught people how to develop quality niche blogs in some of the hottest markets.

As a bonus item, I included Niche WordPress templates so that my customers could take my training, and use the bonus package to save time creating their niche blogs.

So, always make sure that your bonus items compliment your primary product, and offer real value to customers.

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