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What is a “Turnkey Website”?


Turnkey web sites are the hottest selling item on the Internet today. But what is a turnkey web site, you ask? If you think about it for a moment you may likely figure it out on your own. However, we will take the mystery out of the term and put it all on the table for you.

A "true" turnkey web site is sold as a completely functional, operating site with hosting and pre-installed interactive scripts for forms, shopping carts (with product images, descriptions, prices), affiliate programs, etc. All the buyer needs to do is "turn the key" and they are ready to do business.

Retail prices for "true" turnkey web sites with above average quality start at approximately $300. The average retail price is approximately $600 and often includes several months of hosting fees or a discount if you continue to host the site on their servers.

To understand the reason for the popularity and high demand for quality, "true" turnkey sites, you have to step out of the box for a moment and look back at the Internet as a whole. It is global of course. It is also not populated mostly by geeks these days. I personally remember when the Internet was surfed mostly by male computer geeks and products being sold online were for the technically inclined. Although there are still many of us geeks online, we are now immensely out numbered.

Due to high levels of stress and a personal need to be happier, the overall mindset these days is that more and more people want to be their own boss, work from home, work when they want to and as often they wish. And there are millions of genuine success stories about people who have become self-employed simply by working via the Internet.

Most of today's want-to-be online entrepreneurs know very little about web design, don't have the time to learn, or lack the ambition or patience. Many do not have the initial investment needed to purchase the software or acquire the education to produce professionally designed web sites that will reflect well on their business. Hence, the attraction and reason for the success of "true" turnkey web sites.

You may have noticed that we have referred to the word "true" several times in relationship to turnkey web sites. Of course, we did so for a reason. If you put a twist on the turnkey web site concept a bit and compare it to turning the key of your car's ignition, you will better understand that when you turn the key in your car, you are ready to roll. You don't turn the key and say oops ... forgot to put the tires on, where do I find a good car battery, or how do I put the seats in? All of the car's components are attached, functional and ready to take you on your journey. This is the same concept behind "true" turnkey web sites.

What good will it do to put the key to a web site in the hands of a buyer who has to find a place to host their site? Or they need to find products to sell, need a way to interactively communicate with their site visitors (via feedback forms, CGI scripts, etc.) before they can open for business? Remember, the majority of people wanting to become online business owners are not design oriented and have never installed scripts. They are looking for "true" turnkey websites to purchase which are of above-average quality so their investment will be successful and have a professional atmosphere, and they will reach their overall goals.

It is important to note, that many of the individuals seeking to purchase turnkey web sites have talents in other areas such as marketing and promotion. They do not want to spend time designing their site or learning the design aspects of the project. They want to spend their time promoting the site, because that is their area of skill. So here is where we mention a shameless plug about BasicTemplates ...

Several of our members are utilizing our web templates as a design layout for "true" turnkey websites which they are then selling at more than 10 times what they paid for access to ALL of our web templates. For a small investment they have access to 100s of quality web templates that are easy to use in all HTML programs with design layouts that are cross-browser friendly and reflects a professional, finished design. Their use of our templates as a "true" turnkey website is well within our terms of use because they are not reselling the templates or sample sites created from them. They are selling a fully functional, operational domain that is ready for a buyer to turn the key, enter and start selling online.

Their ROI (return on investment) is VERY high because they have access to 100s of web templates that they can produce into "true" turnkey websites. Thus their profit margin is skyrocketing at a fantastic speed.

But how do they do it? How can they possibly be making money when they have so much time involved in producing these fully functional, operational websites? The answer is simple. They purchase quality pre-designed web elements that are permitted to be used in this manner. Our web templates is a perfect example but only one of these element. They also buy other elements, which we do not provide such as CGI scripts and reseller web hosting accounts. They set up one or two *generic* formats (which is the page content only) and then they follow the same steps as any other web developer, i.e..... 1) purchase the domain name, 2) setup the hosting/email, 3) edit the web template links/add image text, 4) create pages from the revised web template, 5) copy/paste the *generic* page content into pages created from the revised template, 6) make edits to the pages to customize it to the domain, 7) advertise their turnkey site for sale.

The difference between a sample site (which we do not permit our web templates to be sold in this manner) and a turnkey site (which is within our terms) is simple and is something we are often asked. A sample site is not fully functional and ready for the buyer to take off with it. Sample sites are generally pages created from the template with links to those pages in place.

Each of our web templates are as close to a finished web site as possible. Creating link page names in the HTML code and then creating those blank pages from the template is considered reselling and redistribution if sold in this manner and is not permitted utilizing our web templates. All of our templates include temporary elements such as: hyperlinks, metas, keywords, alt tags, page titles, links to interactive elements such as forms, mailing lists, search scripts, etc. They are each as close to a finished website without producing them into a turnkey site or customizing them for a specific client's needs. For more information about our templates and why our designs greatly differ from the majority of web templates being sold online today, visit our About page.

If you are a web designer and you are finding that times are tough, it is likely because times ARE changing. The Internet changes constantly and is a never-ending challenge. Five years ago a web designer was in high demand but as more and more people are entering the career field, it will get tougher unless you come up with something that flows ahead of the trend. Selling "true" turnkey websites is a perfect example.

If you have never designed a site but are interested in the "true" turnkey concept, we invite you to research the topic. Check out other template designers, and we are confident you will come back to for quality, quantity, originality and a never ending flow of ideas we will share WITH YOU to make your online business a successful venture!

So there you go, another idea to "Make More Money". We don't call it "Mmm" at for nothing! It is a proven method to add more money to your bank account.

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